A fraternity housed on the University of Michigan’s campus is under fire for a “racially and sexually offensive party” it planned for Thursday.

The event, “World Star Hip Hop Presents: Hood Ratchet Thursday,” was planned by Theta Xi. It was advertised on Facebook with a picture of a black man holding a stack of money with language like “we goin’ back to da hood again!!”

The mostly white fraternity says the party wasn’t about race until black students who complained about it made it so.

From Gawker

In response to criticism that the Facebook event, which informed attendees that “hood IDs will be checked at the door,” was racially insensitive, frat member and invite author Allen Wu said the intent was merely to “celebrate” hip-hop music, and he was disappointed that “people” made it about race.

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School officials, along with Theta Xi’s national headquarters, are conducting an investigation.

The frat has since cancelled the party, along with all other social events being placed on suspension pending the findings of the investigation.

Thoughts on the party?

How can we get people to understand that playing off of stereotypes is never appropriate?

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