As more details come out about Freddie Gray’s murder, it become even clearer that those six police officers present at his death were aware that he was in dire need of help.

Police Officer William Porter testified that Freddie Gray asked him for help during his ride in the back of a Baltimore police van where he suffered a fatal neck injury. While Porter is currently awaiting a retrial for his own involvement this September following a hung jury, he was brought in for the trial of Caesar Goodson Jr., who faces the most serious charges in Gray’s death due to driving the van. 

According to Raw Story, Porter testified that he answered a call to assist Goodson with the van. They met on Goodson’s fourth stop when Porter found Gray shackled and laying on his stomach in the back of the van.

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“What if anything did Mr. Gray say?” asked prosecutor Michael Schatzow.

“I said, ‘What’s up?’ He said, ‘Help,’” Porter said. “‘What do you need help with?’ ‘Help me up.’”

Porter’s attorney read a statement claiming that he told Goodson that Gray needed medical attention, which he claims Goodson responded to, yet none was administered.

Additional details continue to be released regarding this tragic death and loss to the Baltimore community. Hopefully, they will end in some form of justice for Gray and his family.


Photo:  YouTube