In South Carolina, a group of homes believed to be former slave cabins were condemned several years ago and scheduled for demolition.

But one developer has new plans for the property.

Chuck Corley intends to turn the old slave cabins into apartment complexes.

From NBC News:

“It’s such a part of our American history that…you have to recognize that.” said Corley. “We’re not gonna change the footprint or anything like that because we can’t do that on the outside. We want to save it in its purest form that it can save for subsequent generations to see what well-built cabins these were.”

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An organization called the Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation bought the homes in 2009, keeping them from being destroyed. The homes were built in the 1850s and are believed to be the last known slave cabins in .

Corley is under contract to buy the building and has already renovated other historic properties such as Lemmon Hill Plantation and Corley Hall Plantation.


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