So, I’m like the biggest music junkie ever and I listen to all types of music with the exception of country. Yes, I do not do the Carrie Underwood’s or Taylor Swifts’ of the world. Honesty, I just never really got into that whole genre of music even though I live in the heart of music city–Nashville. Crazy huh?

Oh well, the latest music that I’ve put on my iPod is Wiz Khalifa. Thanks to my “friend boy” as my daddy would call him. I’m listening to Wiz Khalifa like there are no other artists in the industry including Lil’ Wayne. Just in one week, I’ve downloaded three of his mix tapes and have listened to all of them every day if not every other day. I love it. Wiz Khalifa’s music is nothing like Boosie, Travis Porter, or Soulja Boy. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to all of them, but Wiz Khalifa is definitely a head bopper with a calm aesthetic. I like him because he sounds so different from all the other artists out there. He’s a mix between hype and calm. To understand what I mean by this, you must first listen to Flight School, followed by Kush & OJ, and end with Star Power.

On to the next artist . . . pretty boy rapper, Drake.Today marks the day that his album, “Thank Me later,” was leaked online. Even though it was scheduled to release three weeks from now, my friends and I decided to take advantage of the leak. And I must say that it is the BEST . . . perfect rhymes . . . and perfect beats. And let’s be honest, I know that my friends and I are not the only ones who have downloaded it “freely.” I know some of you at this very moment are bobbing your heads to a free copy of “Thank Me Later.”

Isn’t it sad? Truly, I believe in supporting the artist, but I am also a music junkie and a borderline Drake’s groupie so sometimes I choose to “sample” the music freely. Honestly, I don’t mind either portrayal–groupie or junkie. I just love my music because it’s always there with the message that I need to here during any situation and circumstance. It’s just food for my soul.

So, I leave you with my favorite song I’ve downloaded from Chris Brown’s album, Deuces, entitled  “Fan of a Fan.”  Enjoy 🙂