A film chronicling the tragic murder of 22 year-old Oscar Grant has opened to rave reviews at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

Grant was shot and killed by a BART police officer in East Oakland after being removed from a train on New Years Day 2009. Cell phone cameras captured his execution, and the video spread like wildfire, creating a firestorm of controversy.

Enititled Fruitvale – after the BART station where the murder took place – the film recreates the days leading up to Grant’s death.

From the Daily Beast:

Opening with the disturbing cellphone footage of his killing, it then flashes back to the early morning hours, as Grant (Michael B. Jordan) is confronted by his girlfriend, Sophina (Melonie Diaz), over his rampant infidelity while he puffs away on a blunt. The couple shares a cute young daughter, Tatiana (Ariana Neal). Grant assures Sophina that he loves her “forever,” and that he won’t stray again.

Grant is a loving father to Tatiana and, despite his wandering eye, appears to care deeply for Sophina. Unfortunately, he’s just been fired from his job working the deli counter at the supermarket due to his punctuality problem and, since he’s an ex-con, feels he has no other moves besides going back to selling weed. But Grant, after remembering his time behind bars and the torment it inflicted on his mother, played by Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer (The Help), has a crisis of conscience, decides to throw away his bag of weed, and turn over a new leaf.

Later on, after celebrating his mother’s birthday, Sophina talks Grant into going out with her and their friends to San Francisco to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Weinstein Co. has acquired the rights to Fruitvale for a rumored $2.5 million.

It should be hitting theaters later this year.

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