Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary. Just give it up already, will you? Mary J. Blige talked to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez about her poorly thought out Burger King commercial. And she’s still crying foul:

“It crushed me for like two days,” she told Angie Martinez on Hot 97 yesterday. “My real family members stood up for me but all those fair-weather friends, and suckas that were online poppin’ junk.”

She went on to reveal that asking ‘what’s in the new chicken wrap’ wasn’t apart [sic] of the original script for the commercial, and also that Burger King sped up the off cue question and added it without her permission.

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Perhaps Mary should have just left well enough alone and capitalized off of the nation’s incredibly short attention span instead of bringing the chicken debacle up again.

Is the Burger King a racist and nefariously sneaky royal, or is the Queen of Hip Hop still trying to save face?

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