“And the crowd goes wild! Sort of.  It looks like the Donkeys have taken the lead. However, you can never underestimate those scrappy Elephants. If the Democrats can just hold the lead through the fourth quarter they may be the victors in this match.” If politics was a game (which it is), and Congress had a color commentator (not Maddow and O’Reilly) this might be something they would say.

The general manager of the Democratic party, President Obama called the shots on health care reform. Studying the playbook of his predecessors helped him to avoid their same mistakes. The idea of government run healthcare dates back to 1910 it was called compulsory health insurance back then. The American  Medical Association actually backed it. Healthcare reform was atop of FDR’s agenda in 1939 but by that time Congress was so upset with social security and unemployment that they nixed his idea. But just like Tony Dungy, President Obama found the courage and tenacity to turn a good team into a great team.

Although Nancy Pelosi struggled during the regular season she has become a post -season champion. Yet as the Democrats move down the field, the Republican defense looks to be poised. In fact, 11 other coaches (Republican Governors) have contested the results in the championship game. Most coaches have painstakingly studied their opponents’ playbook. Even when the Donkeys seemed  to be back on their heels they still were able to come out on top. If politics was a game (which it is), and President Obama was a general manger for a major franchise (which he is), he may have given a rousing speech to his team at half time . If he did, it probably went like this.

If I cough and don’t cover my mouth you might catch what I have

Well I’m about rub my pathogens in your face and dare you to take a bath

What I have is a sickness that needs to be cured

I’ve been left here to wither and die beause I’m unisnsured

I’m sure I pay my taxes because my check is about as low as the IQ of the last president

No I’m not a welfare king just the king of my castle

I work 60 hours a week, why is there a hassle?

I played it by the books and hit the books like a junkie hits the pipe

But you must be smoking dope if you think I’m going to lay down and die

I have  a broken back because  I carry the weight of 45 million people

A mother, a father, a grandparent, a spouse who got sick one day and had to put up the house

It’s easy to say reform is not needed when all your needs are met

Government takeover please….let this problem be assessed

You whine about me taking your money to seek care

Well give me my money back for your wheel chair provided by medicare….

I swear everytime I get paid money is being taken out to fund Medicaid.

We can let this problem grow like AIDS or use some Magic to quell the havoc

Denying Americans equal humanity is a great insanity

Because in Canada, France, and Sweden if you start bleeding they start treatment

Our kids can’t recieve justice in school, be  we can shield insurance companies like tools

God has a plan, this I know, but I don’t wanna leave if it’s not my time to go.

Word of Caution: Americans voters are fair weather fans.

Will this game go into overtime?