Walking to the store, while being young and black. That’s what lead to Trayvon Martin being murdered. He wanted an iced tea and some skittles for his cousin. He committed no crime, he was in front of his father’s house, where he was supposed to be. But now he’s dead and the man that killed him with a nine millimeter shot to his chest, has not even been arrested.

George Zimmerman, a 28 year old neighborhood watch captain and college student murdered Trayvon because he thought he looked suspicious. He called 911, but decided to take matters in to his own hands, and so far he’s literally gotten away with murder. But of course George Zimmerman is white and Trayvon is black and this is the color of justice in America.

Just imagine if George Zimmerman would have killed a neighborhood dog that was strolling around its owners yard. He not only would have been arrested but vilified in the media and by organizations like PETA and others. Hell, they probably would have protested in front of his house and the jail.

Sadly a young black male’s life in this society has little to no value. So we can be beaten and killed with no justice. In Pittsburgh, where I’m from, Jordan Miles was beaten almost to death, by undercover cops, for simply walking to his Grandmother’s house. Those officers were given awards, time off with pay and overtime, found not guilty and are back on the job.

Walking while black is now just as dangerous/threatening as driving while black. The main question is, what are we gonna do about it?