On Wednesday, Google publicly released data on the diversity of its workforce, and admitted it was disappointed with its record for hiring African Americans, Latinos and women. 

From CNET:

Women comprise 30 percent of the Web giant’s overall global workforce but make up only 17 percent of those employed in technology capacity, according to data published by the company Wednesday. When it came to leadership positions, men outnumbered women by nearly 4 to 1, according to the data.

The data release comes as tech companies are increasingly being pressured to add more females and people of color to their oftentimes all white male staffs. Apple has been under fire for having only one woman and no minorities on its board, and Twitter also faced criticism for having no female board members right before it went public late last year.

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More women have been hired at tech firms in the past few years, but their roles aren’t usually at the executive level. Women tend to dominate the administrative category (clerical workers, skilled and unskilled laborers).

Asians represented 34 percent of Google’s tech force, and held 23 percent of the corporation’s leadership positions. Blacks and Latinos did not fare so well, making up just 1 and 2 percent respectively of those positions.

Overall, about 7 percent of America’s employees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics positions were black or Latino in 2011.

We need to get more people of color into the tech field, but where do we start?

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