We’ve been telling you guys for weeks now that your Voting Rights are under attack (see HERE and HERE).

Thanks to the continued efforts of Republican-led state legislatures, and shady, man-behind-the-curtain figures like the Koch Brothers, inane voting restrictions that disproportionately impact young, impoverished and minority voters are popping up left and right across the country.

According to Zerlina Maxwell at

“According to a new report released by the Brennan Center for Justice, the impact of new voting restrictions on 2012 could be significant.  The groups that will be affected by these new voting restrictions are minority and poor voters.

‘This is the most significant cutback in voting rights in decades. More voters may be affected than the margin of victory in two out of the past three presidential elections,’ said Michael Waldman, the Center’s executive director. ‘In 2012 we should make it easier for every eligible citizen to vote. Instead, we have made it far harder for too many. Partisans should not try to tilt the electoral playing field in this way.’”

Follow the link to check out the rest of her fascinating article, “Enough of the Hurt Feelings, Pay Attention to Voter Suppression“.

Maxwell brings up a critical point.

Some of the most vocal members of our community are consumed with questions regarding how much Obama has done for Black people, or for whom in particular Obama is working, or when certain people are going to receive a White House invite.

But perhaps we need to be focusing our efforts on figuring out how to ensure that any of our voices are heard at all. Because if the powers that be have their way, young people, poor people and minority voters will be a non-factor in 2012.

Maxwell says it best:

“We need to stop the infighting on the Left and get to work.  If we don’t we’ll have plenty of time over the next four years to complain.”

Check out “Enough of the Hurt Feelings, Pay Attention to Voter Suppression” Here