Grace Jones vowed to never write a memoir about her life.

But it appears as though the wildly eclectic model, actress and singer has changed her mind.

From TIME:

Gallery, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, announced Wednesday that the book is currently untitled.

In a statement released by Gallery, Jones noted that her song “Art Groupie” began with the line, “I’ll never write my memoirs.” What made her give in? If she didn’t do it, someone else would.

Among the stories the 65-year-old Jones plans to share: rooming with Jerry Hall and hanging out with Jessica Lange, collaborating with Andy Warhol, and acting with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Jones’ book is currently untitled and is scheduled to come out next fall.

This seems like it will be a real treat for fans of Grace Jones!

She is fabulous and appears to live a wonderfully exciting life.

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