A series of groups who are pushing for the NFL to change the name of its Washington Redskins team has called on the players to join the campaign.

A letter, signed by dozens of Native American, civil rights and religious organizations, will be sent to every NFL player on Wednesday. The letter will ask each player to add his “powerful voice to hundreds who are already speaking out.”

From Associated Press:

The letter is spearheaded by the Oneida Indian Nation and the National Congress of American Indians, two groups who have been at the forefront of the campaign to change the team’s name.

The letter is being mailed to teams, and it is also being sent to players via Twitter. It notes that the Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman recently expressed concerns about the Redskins name.

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In the past, Dan Snyder, who owns the team’s owner, has said that he will never change the name.

Thoughts on the letters? Should NFL players get involved?

Should the name of the team be changed?

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