Earlier this week, Gucci Mane unveiled what has to be the ugliest, most absurd tattoo of all time.

Amid his multiple arrests (and an extended stay in the psych ward), Gucci found the time to have a massive ice cream cone tattooed across the side of his face. Look closely and you’ll notice a small “Burrr” printed inside of the cone.

The obvious question arises: What the fuck is wrong with Gucci Mane?

I love Gucci Mane’s music. He’s a consistently funny, obscene, and slightly crazy emcee. I had no idea he was also (potentially) a legitimately crazy person. Since posting the pic on twitter, the internets have been ablaze with uncontrollable digital laughter, genuine confusion, and sincere questions about Gucci’s emotional stability at this point.

As stated above, Gucci was admitted to a mental health treatment facility last week, after his lawyers argued that “mental incompetency” would not allow him to effectively partake in a probation revocation hearing. News of this latest development in the never-ending saga that is Gucci Mane’s legal problems were just another out-of-left-field development in a chaotic year for the mixtape king. He spent the first 5-6 months of 2010 in prison for a probation violation. By November, he’d been arrested again for erratic driving and assault (although those charges have since been dropped). The very next month, Wacka Flocka Flame’s home in Atlanta was raided by police. They found drugs and guns, and even suspect that the rapper’s home was being used as the headquarters for a prostitution ring. Wacka was nowhere to be found, but—surprise!—Gucci was. Gucci and Wacka’s mother were promptly arrested, and now the legal fallout from that incident remains to be seen.

A few months ago I wrote an article about T.I.’s recent legal troubles, and made the point that success and habitual criminality do not mix. Well…I’m making that point again.

Success and habitual criminality do not mix (unless your name is The United States Government, or Goldman Sachs). It will always catch up with you in the end. At a certain point, we have to make a choice as to the kind of life we want for ourselves. People like Gucci Mane and T.I. are going to have to find that out the hard way.

You don’t.