By: Mark Eubanks

How long do we have to walk on this earth?

Why is it that you’re assigned a death day the day of your birth?

Why do people always strive to make it to the top and sit on the throne, not realizing that u won’t sit up there long if you got up there wrong?

Why is life so hard to live because of the color of your skin, and why are we trained not only to hate our neighbor but our closest kin?

Growing up in the hood didn’t make it no better for my family or me, but one thing it did teach me was not to think about I, but WE.

Never knew what love really was so I reached out for the streets, I remember when I used to wear the same clothes for weeks.

Never heard my pops tell me he loved me and probably once or twice from my mother, but I learned how to care because of my sisters and brothers.

If I could, I would go back in time and all I need is one day, and I guarantee Carlito won’t be the only one having his way.

So much pain and heartaches I endured while I was in the streets trying to play the game, I forgot that the only thing you take with you to the grave is your name.

Everybody wants the same thing in life and that’s to live without any worries, but to actually live one of those is an unheard story.

Keep moving forward is all you can really do, either that, sit still, or wait for someone to reach out a hand to you.

See how far that goes or how long that’s going to take, the day when people act like they really care is the day they crying over your body at your wake.