Despite numbers not being as high as they were a decade ago, gun violence remains to be a key issue in urban cities.  A new study set from publication in next month’s issue of Pediatrics confirms what many have suspected: gun violence in top selling PG-13 movies has been increasing. So much to the point where it exceeds that of violence depicted in R-rated films.

From New York Times:

A study says that gun violence in American films has more than doubled since 1950. Violent encounters with guns occur, on average, more than twice an hour in the best sellers in both ratings categories, according to researchers, who worked with support from the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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Researchers examined a total of 945 movies, counting the appearances of gun violence in each five-minute segment of a sampling of movies ranked among the domestic box office’s top 30 films.

Many believe that violence in movies/video games, etc. has an slight impact on gun violence. Do you think that it’s a contributor to the problem? 

Or is it just harmless entertainment?

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