Interviewed by Rashad J. Smith

VH-1’s Master of the Mixes   judges believed that by letting go an irreplaceable component to the show, they are that much closer to choosing their Master of the Mix. I believe that they have clearly made a mistake!

Previously referred to as the “Diddy of DJ’s” …


Brian “DJ B-Hen” Henry has phenomenal skills on the 1’s and 2’s, attractive to the ears of the young and the seasoned. Beyond his talents of hyping the crowd with rhythmic tunes, B-Hen is inspired to empower woman and the youth of the World by sharing his experiences through entertainment.

After losing his mother to a battle of breast cancer during his last year of high school, B-Hen understood his mom’s desire for him to succeed beyond adversity.  “As the first generation in my family to attend college, DJing just didn’t seem like a viable option for me at the time.” (Reminiscing his mother’s unyielding love), “She made everything so clear… you can get a job, go to college, go into the military, or get the heck out of my house” he laughs.

Her virtuous recommendations resulted in B-Hen applying to countless scholarships that would eventually cover the cost of 4 years of tuition, give or take, $100,000 plus. #DANG ”

“I went into overdrive aand applied to everything under the sun and I eventually had almost a full ride when accepted to Morehouse College.”

B-Hen’s highly regarded college experience unquestionably contributes to his accomplishments. Speaking with great intellect, he explained how Morehouse exposed him to empowering attributes of Black culture.

” I was able to learn so much from my peers who were well traveled and well spoken. There so much diversity within African American culture, which is definitely highlighted when attending a historically black college or university.”

While turntables weren’t the primary focus in college, B-Hen definitely revealed his skills for recognition and financial benefit. The appreciated craft, since age thirteen, was finally coming to light.

“‘It’s all about exposure, the more people aware of your talents, the better… the more we can break away from operating in a state of obscurity, the more opportunities will come our way.”

This steadfast attitude steered B-Hen to opportunities with Goldman Sachs, Sony BMG, and Universal Music Group. Earning a degree in Economics, B-Hen was offered a job on Wall Street but declined and accepted an opportunity at Verizon, where he ultimately lead west coast entertainment sponsorships and music marketing. A few years later, after deliberating with his trusted circle, he resigned to pursue his childhood dream full-time, and boy is he winning now!

His mix tapes are strategically designed to take his audience on a journey and empower listeners to excel beyond the basics.

In 2012, B-Hen released the empowering Mixtape, Beats to Beat Breast Cancer, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. His latest project, The Entrepreneurial Motivational Mixtape, encourages artist and entrepreneurs to keep pushing towards their dreams. Beyond entertainment, B-Hen is beginning to share his story with a purpose to motivate young people, encouraging them to step out on faith, allowing the universe to support their passion… but only if they remove fear from the equation.

#Intelligent, #Persistent, #Resilient, and #Respected are a few basic hash tags to describe the self proclaimed Master of the Mix.

Although he has not advanced in VH-1’s Master of the Mixes competition (which sucks because he was definitely one of the best), DJ B-Hen remains unpretentious, noting that he is thankful for the opportunity, new relationships, and advice from the experienced judges.  Let’s stand behind him robustly, embracing his story and being encouraged by his many accomplishments despite adversity.

“Fear is Fake… let your calling be revealed by being faithful and not fearful.”

As the saga continues, B-Hen remains humble and serves as a catalyst for everyone to pursue their dreams… one beat at a time.


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