For more than 10 years, Ashley Davis has been growing her locks. Her entire family has the style and it’s very much a part of her identity.

Unfortunately the finance company that she works for doesn’t seem to care for them.

Davis was surprised when a manager at Tower Loan in St. Peters, Mo. told her that her hair was unacceptable.

From Fox 2:

The new company policy says dreadlocks, braids, mohawks, mullets and other hairstyles are against company guidelines. The new policy was implemented on September 21, 2013, just weeks after Davis started her job as a secretary. Davis also says she’s the only person in her office with the style.

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The company released this statement on the matter: “Tower Loan does not comment on individual personnel matters. However, Tower has an appearance policy that is clearly defined in its training manual. Tower believes a professional appearance is necessary for the success of the company.”

Davis wants the company to take another look at their policies, and judge people on their professional performance, not their personal style.

She has the choice of either cutting her hair or losing her job.

This does not seem very fair given the fact that the policy was enacted after Davis was hired.

Thoughts on the policy and ultimatum?

Will the natural hairstyles of African American women/men ever be acceptable in white corporate America?

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