Columbia University’s Kappa Alpha Theta chapter is under fire after photos of its members dressed in offensive costumes surfaced.

Students are seen at a “Beer Olympics” party dressed in stereotypical costumes meant to represent Mexico, Japan, Jamaica and other countries. 

From Huffington Post:

The photos came from an Olympic-themed mixer with Sigma Phi Epsilon held on Saturday, according to the Columbia Lion.

The photos of the team intended to represent Mexico have particularly drawn scorn: the women wore t-shirts with an altered Mexican flag and the words “Down to Fiesta” written over the chest, and several students donned large fake mustaches and sombreros and carried maracas. One woman held up a bottle of tequila.

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Other stereotypes presented a group of students on the Japan team wearing school girl outfits and hachimaki headbands.

Last month, Arizona State University booted Tau Kappa Epsilon’s fraternity from campus after members of the chapter threw an offensive MLK-Themed party.

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