Donald Trump is officially president-elect of the United States. This news has brought millions into a place of fear and anxiety as they attempt to come to terms with how it happened. You’re not alone.

But, while we can, let’s take a moment to point out some good things that actually came out of last night’s election. 

1.) Kamala Harris Wins California Senate Race, Makes History

Kamala Harris became California’s first new senator in 24 years after defeating Loretta Sanchez with 63% of votes. She was the second black woman and first South Asian-American woman to become a U.S. senator.

According to the Los Angeles Times, a Democrat was guaranteed to win due to a 2010 law that allows the top two candidates for a position, no matter their party affiliation, to run for office.

“Our ideals are at stake right now, and we all have to fight for who we are,” Harris said in a speech following her election. “I believe this is that moment in time for our country, where we are collectively being required to look in the mirror, and with furrowed brow, we are asking a question: Who are we? In California, I believe the answer is a good one: We are a great country.”

2.) Tammy Duckworth Wins Illinois Senate Seat

Tammy Duckworth defeated incumbent Sen. Mark Kirk (R – Illinois) with 54 percent of the popular vote to reclaim President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat for the Democratic party. This means that both of the state’s senate seats are owned by Democrats, with Dick Durbin being the other.

“I will go to work in the Senate looking to honor the sacrifice and quiet dignity of those Illinoisans facing challenges of their own,” said Duckworth, according to ABC7. “After all, this nation didn’t give up on me when I was my most vulnerable and needing the most help. I believe in an America that doesn’t give up on anyone who hasn’t given up on themselves.”

3.) Marijuana Usage Laws Pass 

The recreational or medical use of marijuana was on the ballot in nine states for this year’s election. Eight of them passed legislation.

California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine all approved recreational use of marijuana and will begin to tax and regulate its use going forward, according to the Washington Post. This makes a total of eight states that have approved its recreational use, even after tight races.

Florida, Arkansas, North Dakota and Montana approved the medical use of the drug, bringing the total to 29 states and Washington D.C.


Photo: Wiki Commons