Recently Comedian Spanky Hayes of Wild-N-Out fame has made allegations that Tyrese Gibson and Morris Chestnut have compromised themselves sexually in order to be successful in the entertainment industry. This act of cowardice inspired this mini rant…Enjoy!


I cannot understand for the life of me the undying obsession of those who operate within the culture of Hip-Hop to seek out and find those who they suspect may be queer. The allegations always stem from either an “anonymous” source or from a less successful artist or personality. The amount of jealousy that emanates from these individuals is alarming to say the least. If you’re a struggling artist who is trying to gain some sort of following and your moderately successful, keep trying because eventually your hard work will pay off. If you’ve exhausted all other options to become prosperous and the only way you can feel good about your situation is to degrade those who have made it by alleging they had queer sex acts in order to land movie roles etc. is childish and ignorant. There is no honor in alleging people have compromised their sexuality and dignity in order to get ahead in their careers. In Hip-Hop there is a fascination with who might be queer and it does nothing to add to the culture because when do encounter queer men and women in Hip-Hop we give them the utmost respect and praise such as Queen Latifah and Frank Ocean. Nobody is unwilling to work with these incredible talents because their skill is undeniable and takes nothing away from their craft. I’m sick of hearing about who might be same-gender-loving or the assigning of sexual attributes to a group or individuals who are more successful than you are and using their alleged sexuality as justification for their career advancement and achievements. Perhaps if these individuals spent more time on their craft instead of making up excuses for why some people get ahead in their respective industries then maybe they too would be just as successful.

Tyrese tastefully and comedically responding to Comedian Spanky Hayes