Everyone’s familiar with Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin’s claims that teammate Richie Incognito harassed and bullied him. Now a Massachusetts high school football team has canceled the rest of their season due to similar allegations.

Lunenburg High School decided to take action after multiple accounts of racism towards one of its players and players on opposing teams.

From Bleacher Report:

Per ESPN’s Scott Barboza, the house of freshman Isaac Phillips, a member of the Lunenburg football team, was spray-painted with the message, “Knights don’t need n——.” Phillips, whose mother is white and father half black, had reportedly also been the subject of bullying inside the school as well. According to the report, he had his cleats “removed from his locker, filled with water and thrown in the trash,” and the tires on his bicycle were slashed.

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Lunenburg’s football team was already in the midst of an investigation. Racial slurs were allegedly made toward Worcester South players a few weeks ago. The FBI has been called in to investigate the matter.

School district officials stated that they “have no tolerance for racism” and vow to get to the root of the matter,

We can only hope that the actions of the school resonate with those who participated in the racist behavior.

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