Far too many children are having life-long memories either taken away or ruined for nothing else than being themselves. Whether it be because of a poem, a goatee or a kente cloth, this is getting far out of hand.

Nyree Holmes was set to participate in graduation from Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove, California. However, the school had a strict graduation dress code which only included caps, gowns and any cords or medals to commemorate academic awards received. 

Holmes, who’s home country is Ghana, according to ABC, was told by the school’s activities director that he was violating regulations. While he was able to cross the stage, once he shook the principal’s hand, he was met by three sheriff’s deputies and escorted off of the premises. Later on, a security guard allowed him to pick up his diploma and return his cap and gown.

“I understood the rules. But I feel if he would had heard what I was saying, I may have just put it in my pocket and wait until after graduation to wear it,” Holmes said. “But I felt that he wasn’t listening to what I was saying or respecting my opinion.”

School authorities say that they plan to review the graduation dress code requirements moving forward.

“This neighborhood has gone from a farm town to a bustling small urban city that’s building up and growing,” the 18-year-old said. “I understand not wanting people to dazzle their caps with random words or wear neon pink sashes and crazy things. But they need to adapt it to accept cultural items.”

Photo Courtesy: Nyree Holmes