Parents and school officials at Washburn High School were shocked to learn that four students had hung a black baby doll by its neck, and then posted photos of the incident on social media sites.

After school activities were canceled and parents informed in the wake of the incident, which the principal has called “an extremely disturbing occurrence and not reflective of the Miller Pride that we promote.”

However, some assert the incident was not racially motivated.

From the Huffington Post:

““I know the people that did it and I know they didn’t mean it like people have been taking it,” the teen said. “It was just an idiotic thing. They would have done it if it was a purple baby. They would have done it if it was a white baby or any color baby. They were just acting on a whim.”

As HuffPost notes, neighboring Baldwin, Wisconsin made national headlines recently after a student placed a noose and KKK symbols on a black female student’s desk.


Are you disturbed by the frequency of racially-charged incidents at our nation’s schools?

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