19-year-old James Ward always knew that he wanted to attend college. But his dream was temporarily shattered after finding out that he did not have the financial assistance to attend college.

Ward, who has been homeless for several years, was accepted into Howard University and his long-time mentor Jessica Sutherland was determined for him to attend.

So she launched a social media campaign with the #HomelesstoHoward. 

From Homeless to Howard:

Averaging $2000 in donations per day, the pair raised the money needed for his first year in six days, and the four year loan gap was covered in less than eight weeks.

Now that James is fully funded and thriving in college, Jessica hopes to use their unexpected place in the spotlight to raise awareness about the barriers to higher education facing our nation’s poorer students, while providing guidance, resources, and assistance to American students who need it most.

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Watch James Ward’s incredible story:

James is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree. He plans on becoming a physicist.


How can we raise awareness about the barriers to higher education facing poor students in America?

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