17 year-old Baltimore resident Tiarra Brown was an honor student, member of the track team, and the recipient of scholarships for college. She was excited to be graduating with the rest of her class.

But Tiarra never made it to graduation. Instead, during graduation practice, she was mistakenly arrested and charged with attempted murder.

According to reports, Brown was held for four days and did not make it to her hard-earned graduation. The arrest was apparently the result of a mix-up on the part of Baltimore Police. When they realized they’d made a mistake, steps were taken to have Brown released immediately. But that’s little consolation for Tiarra’s mother:

“That’s not her profile. She’s an honor roll student. She has scholarships going to college June 21. She did track and field. She worked all year to pay for her graduation, and she missed graduation for a misunderstanding,” the girl’s mother said.

From NewsOne:

“But officials told 11 News that someone close to the victim saw a court commissioner and swore out a complaint against Tiara Brown, and she was locked up with no questions asked.

Several days later, police said they noticed a warrant for Tiarra Brown and wondered who she was and what connection she had to the case.

‘It was negligence on their side, and I think it’s disgraceful to just pick a person out and charge them without investigating,’ Catia Brown said. ‘She’s always in the house. She’s too young to go to a club. She’s never been to a club a day in her life.'”

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Regardless of the circumstances, BYP is proud of Tiarra Brown for making her way through school, and we wish her the best of luck in college!

Was Tiarra’s arrest an honest mistake, or should there be consequences?

Can the Brown family sue the Baltimore Police Department?

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