Hulk Hogan has ordered the management of his popular Tampa beach restaurant, Hogan’s Beach to remove a racist and discriminatory dress code sign that was posted in front of the establishment.

The dress code, which barred those from wearing what could be described as popular urban attire worn primarily by black men, garnered several complaints in recent weeks.

From AceShowBiz:

The wrestler asked the staff to take the sign down after he was made aware of the rules posted on it which include no excessively baggy attire, low-hanging pants or shorts and oversized or excessive jewelry among others.

Hogan, who only licenses his name for the eatery, tells TMZ that the sign now has been removed permanently. According to Hogan, the sign was modeled after those posted at Las Vegas and Miami pool parties and was never meant to be racist.

Here is the list of barred items:

— No oversized t-shirts extending past the mid thigh

— No excessively baggy attire

— No low hanging pants or shorts

— No hats facing sideways or back facing

— No oversized or excessive jewelry

— No camouflage (unless with military ID)

— No workout clothing (including track suits, jump suits, sweat pants or basketball shorts)– No high-top sneakers

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An employee at the restaurant told TMZ that people could wear whatever they wanted, but the rules were strictly enforced during concerts.

Hogan said he did not know anything about the sign, spoke with managers about it before ordering them to remove the sign.

Too often do we see dress codes that subtly discriminate against blacks. When will it end?

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