Hundreds of students at Kentucky State University in Frankfort said they were told to get their belongings and exit school property after abruptly being dropped from classes, dorm rooms and meal plans.

The announcement came Wednesday evening in the form of an email notification. 

From WHAS 11:

“I went online at 12 a.m. last night to get my homework for class and found out my classes weren’t there,” said Doug Blair, a KSU senior. Blair is one of hundreds of students, we’re told as many as 900, no longer enrolled at the school due to balances on their bill. For Blair, $600 stands between him and school. He spent the day in a long line of students at the Bursar’s office asking questions.

“What they said they would do if they were me, is find the $600 tonight and pay it tomorrow or else I can’t come back this semester,” Blair said.

“I understand if you owe $11,000, $12,000. Ok, then get it together. But hundreds of dollars?”  said Tiara Cosby, a junior.

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Some students said the bills are incorrect even after paying them. Cosby said she owed only $100 on Thursday. Her bill has sense jumped to $900. “The lady at the cashier’s office was just as confused as I was because she just saw me a couple of hours ago,” Cosby told WHAS 11.

Students said they were blindsided by the university’s actions. Many of the students just arrived on campus Monday, only to be told they have 72 hours to vacate the premises.

The university released the following statement on the matter: “Classes began January 11 at Kentucky State University. Notification has since gone out from the university to students with balances who have not paid according to the required payment schedule. Those students have been dropped from registration. Policy requiring students to pay their balances by a scheduled date is standard for all universities. KSU students have until late registration through January 17 to resolve their accounts.”

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