Hundreds gathered in Brooklyn for a second night of protests over the killing fo 16 year-old Kimani Gray by the NYPD.

There was heavy police presence at the rally, including officers on horseback.

Protesters chanted NYPD / KKK / How many kids will you kill today”

From RT:

Local public figures in addition to the Black Panther activists were in attendance, including New York City Councilman Charles Barron, who is known in New York for his work advocating for Brooklyn’s poor and African-American communities.

“The real criminal is Mayor Bloomberg,” Barron told people gathered at the rally, drawing attention to the poverty of East Flatbush and neighborhoods like it.

Speaking of the city’s elites, namely Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Barron said, “They don’t have to come out here – they send the police! Next time,” Barron added,“let’s go to his house!”


The NYPD says Gray had brandished a weapon and that the officers acted appropriately.

They also made a point of pointing out his arrest record.

However, a witness has come forward, asserting that Gray was unarmed when the undercover officers opened fire on him.

From NewsOne:

According to King,  the officers cornered the 16-year-old Gray. “His [Gray’s] hands were down…. Kimani started backing up,” she said. “The cop took out his gun and started firing at Kimani. I couldn’t believe he [the officer] let off his gun. There was no reason. No false move.”


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