Sometimes I think Maury Povich should come out of retirement to host a show entitled, “Maury: Politician Edition”.  It would be filled with more baby mama drama than a Sunday afternoon in Lil Wayne’s house. All the mistresses, bondage parties, and innovative “fundraising” techniques would surely have viewers on the edge of their seats everyday. Who wouldn’t want to hear Maury in his calm, yet concerned voice say, “Mr Governator you are the father”?  Or better yet, watch Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky duke it out once and for all.

Whatever your view on politics, there is one aspect of the lives of politicians that takes up more column inches than even the worst of political gaffes. Even as America tears itself to pieces over the war in Afghanistan, failing schools, and growing income inequalities, you can be sure that a good old-fashioned sex scandal would overshadow all these issues. Sometimes it seems as if American’s fiend for this more than a junkie fiends for a hit. With all of the serious issues that our country is facing on a daily basis I could care less about a politician’s private indiscretions. I cast my ballot for individuals to represent my interests on matters of policy. If they choose to “go hiking on the Alaskan Trail” or send “comprising” photos of themselves to women that aren’t their wives, that is their prerogative. As long as they aren’t using my tax dollars to fund their escapades I really don’t care.

As the writers at the said, “If it were up to me, there’d be a law — make it a constitutional amendment — forbidding the press from covering those acts performed by politicians in private and not directly related to the governance of those who elected them. This would include receiving hummers from someone other than your spouse or groping Chippendale dancers or waltzing in diapers while being sploshed by a dominatrix. For years, in fact, the media showed the good sense to ignore this stuff, which is why you never heard about the fact that JFK was literally and figuratively “the man about town.” Reporters believed there were more pressing matters. Civil rights, for instance, not getting nuked — that sort of thing. “


As much as watching politicians yell and scream about paternity tests on television may be good for ratings, it does nothing to solve the multiple public policy problems that our country is facing. I don’t think I can stomach another crying politician begging us to forgive him for his sins. In the words of TLC let them “creep” if they want to.



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