After the Occupy Wall Street Movement finally got some coverage form the mainstream media, due to some very bad behavior by the NYPD, the blogosphere began to buzz with post after post about what #OccupyWallStreet was doing wrong. From the message to the way the protestors were dressed, #OccupyWallStreet was dissected and criticized by so called strategists for what it was lacking. Now no group or movement is above critique, but now it seems, all of the sudden everyone had the answers about how to protest Wall Street.

This is of course made me wonder, where the hell have y’all been for the last few years? How come these” movement experts” didn’t properly articulate their ideas and organize people behind them? This is the first movement to really shine the light on the architects of the economic collapse and, it’s not just gaining traction, but spreading to other cities and countries. I’m sure they’ll take sincere suggestions and help, but the hating from the sidelines, by armchair activists needs to stop.

Find an Occupy movement near you and sign up or join a organization that’s doing something to change the world. A good idea will remain just that if we don’t do the real work necessary to bring it to fruition. I wanna be with people working and sacrificing to make a difference.

“Whether your black, brown, red, yellow, white you just a way to a means cause the only color that matters is green” -The 99%