In the wake of the tragic killing of 5 year old Gabriel Martinez Jr. in Oakland California, the third child killed in Oakland in 2011, legendary Hip-Hop Journalist Davey D, on his show “Hard Knock Radio“, interviews Minister/Activist/Author Reverend Harry Williams and Hip-Hop Artist and Activist Jasiri X about how we can stop the senseless violence in our neighborhoods, reduce the stockpiles of illegal guns, and restore hope in our community.

Three Little Girls” tells the stories of the senseless murders of Christina Taylor Green (9 yrs old), killed during the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, Brisenia Flores (9 yrs old), gunned down by anti-immigrant militia intent on starting a race war, and Aiyana Jones (7 yrs old), shot to death while asleep in her home, by the Detroit Police Department, while they were filming a reality TV show.

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