In music, and films, and stories, and books, and in our lives endings are hard to get quite right. We sometimes overlap with beginnings and in the case of summers… they often finish far before we are done with them.

As September begins, we return to school and work, or continue because we never left. The vacations we took turn into more and more distant memories. The end of summer is one ending that is just about always imperfect. It fails to be either cinematic or dramatic. I seem to let it pass without acknowledging it as a transition or taking time to reflect on the summer season. I fall back into a routine. And although I’m bound to hear “How was your summer?” at least a hundred times, I’ll only sometimes give a brief update and hardly ever a proper answer. I don’t quite know if this is because people are too busy, not looking for a long answer or because I like to keep summer holiday as something very separate and distinguished from the rest of the year.

However, when I do look at the past couple months, I have traveled and changed and experienced quite a lot. As much as I like to think of the experiences I’ve had during my summer break as a part of an oasis away from reality, reflecting back, I realize that my time on this ‘oasis’ however brief it may have felt, its a part of me. So hopefully I’m not the only one who got some reflection time, not only the one whose summer changed them. What I’m trying to say here is that we shouldn’t let this transition go unnoticed and everyone should take note of all those little changes.