A black police sergeant risked his life by going undercover as a “Black Klansman.”

Now, he is sharing his experiences in a new book. 

From Huffington Post:

In 1979, Colorado Springs police investigator Ron Stallworth called the number from KKK newspaper ad on a whim in the hopes of gathering information. What he didn’t expect was to be offered a membership, and eventually an invitation to lead the local KKK chapter for being perceived as a “loyal and dedicated” member of the notorious organization.

Throughout his year operating as an undercover member, Stallworth corresponded with the Klan leadership regularly on the phone — which included speaking with former grand wizard, David Duke. When his physical presence was required, he would send a fellow detective in his place, a friend and narcotic detective Stallworth said he liked to call “the white Ron Stallworth.”

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The primary goal of the sting was intelligence gathering, but Stallworth managed to stop crimes over the course of his investigation.

Read more about in Stallworth’s experiences in his book “Black Klansman.”


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