Not since Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan has a junkie been so popular.  Months ago when I wrote a blog about stupid white folks and how it was popular (and profitable) to be a stupid white person, I forgot to mention that it was also good to be a crazy, drug-addled white person.  If you don’t believe me, just think of the recent superstars pawning their addiction for mainstream attention.  Besides, Lindsay Lohan who is often called Blo-han, there is Gary Busey, Christina Aguilera, Janice Dickinson, Rachel Uchitel, Jeremy London (the guy kidnapped by black people and forced to do drugs) and last but not least, Charlie Sheen–the richest, most doped up of them all.

Beyond his hit show, Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen has been pretty busy–getting high, crashing expensive cars down hillsides (two Mercedes to be exact and in the same spot), and beating his ex wife.  His most recent escapade which ended with a porn star locked in the bathroom, hiding from Charlie, three days after the party began sent him to the hospital.  His dad made a statement, the porn star sent some text, and Charlie went to rehab, only to leave a few days later and begin an at-home treatment.  He rebuffed AA, took to the web denouncing his boss, and as a result lost his job–well maybe he lost his job.  How many lives does this man have?  Better yet, how many lives do white people have?  Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of court and has yet to make a movie of any substance yet she can still leave rehab and afford to buy a Porsche.  Meanwhile the old man with the golden voice has been dropped by all his sponsors and besides a slew youtube spoofs is nowhere to be seen.

Beyond the sheer entertainment drug addiction and stupidity seem to provide for our society today, it seems little attention is paid to the race of those offending.  Of course, Whitney had some fame as a crackhead, but it wasn’t her sole role in society nor is she still running around asking for the receipts.  I suspect that act would have gotten tired a long time ago or she’d be singing from behind a cell.  So when’s the expiration date on Charlie? On Lindsay?  And just how much illegal are drugs when you are rich and white?