When Indianapolis Metropolitan police arrived at the scene of a robbery early Tuesday morning, they saw a man standing in front of a home with a gun. It wasn’t until after one of the officers fired that they learned the many they thought was a robbery suspect was the homeowner. 

The call was reportedly made by a woman who was approached by a man with a gun who demanded her car keys after holding a gun to her head. After throwing the man the keys, she ran into the house, according to FOX 59.

“At some point her husband comes out of the home with a weapon,” said IMPD Assistant Chief Randal Taylor. “Our officers are already on the scene at that time. The vehicle that was the target of the carjacking and robbery was still in the driveway. Officers weren’t initially sure if the suspect was still with the vehicle. The husband was out with the weapon, and unfortunately the husband was shot by one of our officers.”

Police say that the homeowner didn’t appear to fire a shot at the officers, but they’re unaware of any of the conversations that could’ve led to the shooting. As of now, the officer who fired the show is on administrative leave, the robbery suspect is still at large and the homeowner is expected to survive from his injuries.

This is yet another situation where police are clearly in the wrong and showing that there needs to be some serious reform in tactics. If you can chase a 10-year-old with guns drawn and shoot a man protecting his own home, something’s gotta give.

Photo Credit: Wiki Commons