The mother of a 7-year-old child is outraged at medical treatment provided by her school.

Brianna Hill broke her arm while playing on the playground of Webber Media Arts Academy in Pontiac, Michigan.

The child was helped to the office, but instead of calling 911, school staff contacted those listed on Brianna’s emergency contact list.

From My Fox Detroit:

“They should have immediately called 911. What if she was going into shock? What if she could have had a concussion? Brain damage could have been done and they’re just sitting there, calling people on the phone.” said Brianna’s mother Shatia Hill. Meanwhile Brianna says her arm was in a lot of pain and the school didn’t have any ice to put on the injury, so they brought out ice cream sandwiches instead. “I have no idea why they thought that was acceptable. I mean, honestly, it was totally bad judgement on everybody in the school. When I call the school, they’re like, ‘Oh I wasn’t there.’ ‘Oh I wasn’t there.’ Everyone wants to throw each other under the bus instead of taking responsibility,” Shatia adds.

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The school reached Brianna’s aunt who later took her to the hospital. Shatia Hill plans to transfer her daughter to another school. for

Should the school have dialed 911 before contacting Brianna’s emergency contacts?

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