Activists and community members were outraged when more than 140 billboards warning of criminal consequences for voter fraud were put up in low-income neighborhoods in Ohio and Wisconsin.

Community activists spoke out against these obvious attempts at voter intimidation. Color of Change started a online petition, demanding that Clear Channel, the owner of the billboards, take them down immediately.

Clear Channel was caved to the pressure, and says they will begin the process of removing the ads, though they refuse say who sponsored them in the first place.

From the Huffington Post:

“After discussions, the sponsor, whom Clear Channel Outdoor has called a ‘private family foundation’ but declined to name, ‘thought the best solution was to take the boards down, so we are in the process of removing them,’ the company said in a statement.
Crews on Monday will begin taking down 30 billboards in Cleveland, 30 in Columbus and 85 in Milwaukee, Jim Cullinan, vice president of corporate communications for Clear Channel Outdoor, told Reuters.
Cleveland City Councilwoman Phyllis Cleveland, one of the most vocal critics of the billboards, told Reuters on Sunday: ‘Needless to say I’m happy they will be taken down but I want to know who was behind this in the first place.'”



Will anybody have to answer for these blatant attempted at voter suppression?

Will you be voting in November?

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