It’s hard to hold your confidence together without knowing where you stand, at first glance, with a person that you’re interested in. During high school, especially freshmyn year, you will have plenty of times when you try your luck, without a reliable strategy for getting a date. Rejection is a trip: before you move on to next one, you just have to know why that person said no. For your curiosity, I made the initiative to interview a teenage girl about folks that capture her interest. I know I know, you could’ve asked a girl some investigative questions, but it’s always flyer to be surprising and seamless.

Her name is Kyana Malone, and if you noticed the similar last name you’re correct—she’s my sister. Kyana, a rising high school freshmyn, has started dating, so I thought she’d have some good information to bring to the discussion. Needless to say, I was correct.

Me: Aiight, so who’s the most attractive celebrity?

Kyana: (giggles) Uh, Chris Brown. Can I put two?

Me: Yeah you can put two

Kyana: Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa

Me: Alright, why are those two attractive?

Kyana: Uh, (giggles) I don’t know. Their looks?

Me: Alright, next question: what does dating mean to you?

Kyana: Uhm, love is what it means. You care about a person like a lot, not in a “family” way, but like a girlfriend-boyfriend. There’s a lot of stuff that goes into caring.

Me: Uh huh. So what captures you attention about a boy? Is it style, physical appearance, intelligence, extracurricular activities?

Kyana: Uhm. I like basketball players. Uhm. Appearance, their style, uhm, yeah and appearance. And intelligence yeah.

Me: Why do you like basketball players?

Kyana: I don’t know. Cuz I like it; a lot.

Me: So it’s an activity that you play and you like the fact they play an activity that you like?

Kyana: Yeah.

Me: And then style, what’s the trendy style these days?

Kyana: They can’t be wearing a skirt of course! Some skinny jeans, a shirt with graphic designs on it. Wiz Khalifa, he wears like uh camo shorts (I like shorts period, cuz I like, I don’t know why, I like legs). And…like cargo shorts, I really like those. Like Wiz Khalifa wear white tees sometimes.

Me: Alright alright, so if a boy wants to get your number what does he need to say?

Kyana: I don’t know.  Uhm, [but] what a guy cannot say: “ay gurl ay gurl”, stuff like that. And uhm stuff like rudeness, like “dang you gotta big butt”, stuff like that. Stuff that would be disrespectful.

Me: What about guys hanging out of cars?

Kyana: Nah, I don’t like that.