President Obama is reportedly flirting with the idea of naming NYC police commissioner Ray Kelly as head of Homeland Security.

In case you didn’t know, as NYC police commissioner, Kelly presides over the controversial, ineffective, and racist Stop and Frisk policy.

As As New York Times columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates points out, such decision would be a horrible, dangerous idea; and it flies in the faceof President Obama’s previous statements regarding racial profiling.

From the New York Times:

It is often said that Obama’s left-wing critics fail to judge him by his actual words from his candidacy. But, in this case, the challenge before Obama is not in adhering to the principles of a radical Left, but of adhering to his own. It is President Obama’s attorney general who just this week painfully described the stain of being profiled. It was President Obama who so poignantly drew the direct line between himself and Trayvon Martin.

It was candidate Obama who in 2008 pledged to “ban racial profiling” on a federal level and work to have it prohibited on the state level. It was candidate Obama who told black people that if they voted they would get a new kind of politics. And it was State Senator Obama who understood that profiling was the antithesis of such politics. Those of us raising our boys in the wake of Trayvon, or beneath the eye of the Demographics Unit, cannot fathom how the president could forget this.


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