In case you were too busy laughing your ass off to notice, the viral hit “Shit White Girls Say…To Black Girls” actually caused controversy, with sites like Huffington Post and Jezebel being flooded with opinions and commentary that blasted the video as an example of reverse racism.

Tami Winfrey Harris has written a phenomenal editorial for Clutch Magazine that address such complaints.

According to Tami, the video is important social commentary on an experience with which many Black people can undeniably identify, and that it does so in a way that is humorous and harmless.

She writes:

“This one time at journalism camp (Yes, there is such a thing.), a white friend that I had been bonding with for the week, leaned over and confided that until last year’s camp experience, she had been certain black people had tails. That same summer, another camper expressed her extreme dislike for rap music and then turned to me apologizing so profusely you’d think I was Kool Moe Dee himself. I’ve been “the only” in so many situations from childhood until today that when I spotted comedian Franchesca Ramsey’s new video, “Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls,” I almost squealed. Man, could I relate! In college for four years in Iowa, I heard half these things four times between the shower and my morning class. For me, Ramsey’s entry into the “Shit ________ Say” meme was not only funny, it also contained important social commentary. But not everyone is laughing.

As the video exploded across the Internet, some folks, particularly white women, including ones who deem themselves liberal, anti-racist allies, pushed back. A cruise through comments over on Huffington Post, Jezebel and Facebook reveals some unhappy responses, including 1) This is reverse-racism/stereotyping! 2) Everybody says dumb racial stuff equally. Guess what this black girl said to me once? 3) Nobody really says this stuff. I mean, maybe in the South/Flyover States… 4) How come this is okay, but “Shit black girls say to white girls” wouldn’t be?


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Can you relate to Tami’s reaction to the “Shit White Girls Say” video?

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