Despite almost a million signatures being collected on petitions to halt the execution of Troy Davis, it’s still scheduled to take place on September 21. We made the above video to encourage as many people as we could to get involved.

If you need anymore convincing, please read Brenton Mock’s excellent article on Loop 21 Troy Davis: Murder Was the Race That They Gave Him, which breaks down how race plays a huge role in prosecution and sentencing.

“Defendants charged with killing white people were given the death penalty 11 times more than those charged with killing black people; also, that Georgia prosecutors sought the death penalty in 70% of cases involving black defendants and white victims while seeking it in less than 20% of cases involving white defendants and black victims.”

If I could do the video over again, I would have included the number to the Georgia Parole Board at the end.

Please call the parole board on Monday Sept 19, morning or afternoon. Leave a detailed message on why Troy Davis’ execution needs to be stopped.
(404) 656-5651
(404) 657-9450

It only takes a few minutes to get involved. Please click and sign the petitions below and encourage your network to do so, a man’s life depends on it. #toomuchdoubt