Kanye West’s latest video for his single “Bound 2” is questionable. Some think it’s creative, while others find it to be trashy. Kim Kardashian’s appearance, along with the Clydesdale horses definitely make it easy to laugh at. Naturally, parodies would make their debut.

The most talked about parody is that of James Franco and Seth Rogen. The two, rehash scenes from the original video scene for scene, with Franco and Rogen portraying West and Kardashian respectively. We can’t deny that for the most part, Franco and Rogen hit the nail on the head with the funny factor. But an interesting debate about Franco lip-syncing Yeezus’ verses, particularly mouthing the n-word has surfaced. 

Here’s the original video for “Bound 2”:

And here is James Franco and Seth Rogen in the parody:

Tell us what you think. Should Franco have skipped over the n-word?

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