Ray Rice Halloween costume (Reddit) TheGrio.com


Well it’s that time again. The occasion for offensive costumes and ignorance to loom in the air. If you thought the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin costume was as far as someone could go, you were sadly mistaken.

The fools once again have taken this year’s holiday to an entirely new level: by dressing up as Ray Rice. 

Word of the costume first surfaced on Reddit, when one of the users posted a photo of a man dressed up as Rice, dragging a black blow up doll by the hair. The caption that accompanied the photo said, “ladies were falling for my friend’s Ray Rice costume.” Funny. SMH.

The quick circulation of the photo prompted a wave of backlash. Janay Rice even responded, tweeting to popular entertainment news site TMZ, “@TMZ it’s sad, that my suffering amuses others.”

I think we can rule out the fact that individuals who create and wear these offensive costumes are just plain ignorant of the impact and level of offense it will cause. In fact, it’s safe to say that they just do not care who they upset. They don’t care about Janay Rice, or Ray Rice for that matter. They’re not thinking about the millions of battered women…and men, who live and suffer in silence at the hands of their abusers. They want a laugh, that’s what matters most to them.

What a world we live in.