Back in August, California passed a landmark form of legislation that allows transgender students from grades K-12 the right to choose programs and facilities based on their gender identity.

It’s called the “School Success and Opportunity Act,” and Jelly Belly Chairman Herman Rowland Sr. isn’t a supporter of the legislation. What he does support is an initiative which seeks to repeal the act. 

From Queerty:

 He has been outed as a donor of of $5,000 to the “Privacy Of All Students” initiative campaign, which seeks to gather enough signatures to put a repeal of the School Success and Opportunity Act on the ballot for the upcoming 2014 election.

[…] one of the masterminds behind the “Privacy Of All Students” initiative campaign is none other than Prop. 8 strategist Frank Schubert, who is currently the political director for professional gay haters National Organization for Marriage. Schubert is advising the initiative during the signature gathering phase and will manage the campaign if it qualifies for the ballot.

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According to the Privacy For All Students initiative website, a little more than 500,000 signatures are needed by November 6.

In response to the news, the National Center for Lesbian Rights has started a petition that seeks to get Rowland, Sr. to back off of his support for the bill.

Click here to view and sign the National Center for Lesbian Rights petition.

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