Jemele Hill is getting out from behind the desk at ESPN’s SportsCenter and will be taking on a role at The Undefeated, ESPN’s platform that explores intersections between race, culture, politics and sports as its chief correspondent and senior columnist. This is a move which Hill says was spurred by a realization that she missed being out in the field and covering topics, though it can’t be ignored that there has been a lot of tension while she was on SportsCenter.

Hill was suspended by the network after she urged those who were upset at Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ for requiring players to stand for the national anthem to boycott sponsors of the NFL which, include ESPN and Disney, their parent company. (This was before Jones made great theater of kneeling with players and locking arms during the national anthem when it was more politically expedient.) Rumors abounded about Hill’s future with ESPN, and many speculated that she would leave the company entirely.

As is in her nature, Jemele Hill took to Twitter to clear the air and to dispel some of the rumors and conspiracy theories about why she left the SportsCenter platform:

Still, this has not kept some outlets like the New York Post from speculating that as much as Hill may have missed reporting, the changes to Hill and Michael Smith’s show definitely didn’t help to make her stay.

In any case, this move frees Jemele Hill up to do more of the outstanding writing, cultural commentary, reporting and even the occasional appearance on air at ESPN, hopefully without any of the vindictive and racist/sexist backlash from the ogre-in-chief that currently occupies the Oval Office. This change also places her in Washington D.C. where, if she so wills, she can cover much more political angles than she has been able to do in ESPN’s home office in Bristol, Connecticut.