Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. arrived at a North Carolina correctional facility to begin serving his 30 month sentence on Tuesday.

The former congressman pleaded guilty to stealing $750,000 in campaign funds, and using them for personal use. He was ordered to pay the money back in restitution in addition to his sentence.

From Chicago Tribune:

A day earlier, Jackson had tried to report to the prison near Durham, N.C. but was turned away, according to Chris McConnell, executive assistant at Butner. McConnell declined to specify why Jackson was not allowed to surrender Monday, but the ex-congressman’s appearance Monday came four days earlier than was ordered, court documents show. Burke said did not know what transpired to let Jackson enter custody today.
Jackson Jr. made headlines last year after his mysterious absence from the congressional floor in Washington. He cited fatigue and a mood disorder as reasons for his lack of attendance. The former congressman eventually resigned soon after, noting the pending investigation into his spending of campaign funds.

Jackson Jr.’s wife former Chicago alderman Sandi was also convicted on a tax violation related to his misuse of campaign funds.

She will began serving her 12-month prison sentence within 30 days of Jackson Jr.’s release.

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