Both Kayla Samuel and Maryn Valliancourt started out their race in Manchester with one goal in mind: to win.

But when Valliancourt tripped and twisted her ankle near the end of the three-mile competition, Samuel stopped to help her.

The junior at Achievement First Amistad High School in New Haven linked her arm into her Valliancourt’s without permission, helping her to the finish line.

From NBC Connecticut:

¬†“[So] I run with her to the finish line. When I saw her, I sort of felt like she shouldn’t have to go through that by herself.”¬†Valliancourt, a junior at Sacred Heart High School in Waterbury, said she wanted to finish the race. She did so with Samuel’s help.”She told me not to give up and to keep going and she wasn’t going to leave me. I just thought It was really nice,” Valliancourt said.

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Samuel even let Vallaincourt cross the finish line ahead of her, a move she says she didn’t deserve. Vallaincourt’s mom said that “a guardian angel” was “watching out” for her daughter that day.

What a wonderful act of kindness.

Kayla Samuel, job well done.

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