Oscar winner Jordan Peele offered up an assist to Boots Riley this weekend by buying out a movie theater to screen the first time director’s acclaimed film Friday night. Peele bought out The Promenade at Howard Hughes in LA, announcing on Twitter, “I bought out a theater for this movie right here #SorryToBotherYou . First come, first served. ⁦Much love to @BootsRiley⁩ ⁦@lakeithlakeith⁩,”

Riley’s film has been unable to dodge the comparisons to Peele’s breakout success from last year, Get Out, even though the two directors would probably agree that they are very different films. The Guardian has already called it “this year’s Get Out, most likely due to the use of satire as a vehicle to critique social problems present in both films and Lakeith Stanfield starring in both films.

Sorry to Bother You revolves around the dilemma its protagonist, Cassius Green, faces as he navigates Corporate America while his friends and co-workers begin a work stoppage and direct action protests against their exploitative employer. Before this weekend, the film had already earned $5.8 million at the box office on a budget of $3.2 million.

According to Politico, Riley’s film is the “Sharpest Political Satire of 2018.” Derek Robertson writes:

With the inimitable glee and provocation of an authentic outsider, Riley tackles some of the most pressing topics in America—racial and labor relations, the endless creep of technology, media burnout—through a sci-fi shaggy dog tale of a telemarketer who finds himself at the center of a nightmarish conspiracy. Call it ‘social surrealism.’ The political themes of Sorry to Bother You should be eerily resonant to even the most unplugged viewer, even as they’re couched in its loopy satire. And perhaps most impressively, that resonance runs deep despite the fact that the screenplay, which dates back to 2011, never explicitly addresses the dubious racial legacy of the 239-pound presidential elephant in the room—as ringing an endorsement as any of Riley’s sharp political insight.

Sorry to Bother You is now playing in theatres nationwide.

Trailer for Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You: