Two lawsuits currently challenging Wisconsin’s voter ID law will have to wait until next year for a ruling. John Ulin, with the support of a wave of black and Hispanic legislators in the state argued that the 2011 law, Act 23, has has a disproportionately negative impact on voters of color; a direct violation of the federal Voting Rights Act.

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Ulin spoke Friday during closing arguments in the non-jury trial of two lawsuits challenging the law, called Act 23. Eight days of testimony featured social scientists, bureaucrats and frustrated plaintiffs.

Assistant Attorney General Clayton Kawski called the many plaintiffs’ stories about their troubles and costs of trying to obtain qualifying photo ID unique, uncommon, bizarre and one-of-a-kind exceptions to the 90% of the population who have an ID to vote.

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By showing that tens of thousands of Wisconsin residents lack one of the qualifying IDs, the federal suits aim to stop the law from taking effect. The plaintiffs also showed that thousands of residents lack the documents required to get free the ID  the state supplies for voting.

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