Juror B-29 in the George Zimmerman trial says that her life was ruined because of the polarizing case.

The juror, only identifying herself as Maddy during interviews with media, says she lost her job at a nursing home, lost friends and has received death threats.

“On Facebook someone wrote that I’m going to feel the same pain as Trayvon Martin’s mom … meaning I’m going to lose my son,” Maddy told Inside Edition in an exclusive interview.

From Orlando Sentinel:

She reveals that her family is close to being evicted from her four-bedroom home in Seminole County. “Emotionally, mentally, physically, I’m so drained,” Maddy tells “Inside Edition.” “I can’t stop thinking about the case. I have a heart.”

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Maddy says she questions whether or not her decision to acquit Zimmerman of killing Trayvon Martin was the correct one.

She has continued to follow up on news related to the former neighborhood watch captain since the trial ended in July.


Thoughts on the juror’s comments?

Is this karma coming back to haunt her for a decision that many believe came from her giving into pressure during deliberations?

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